Professional transceivers modifications

I had the opportunity to modify a few professional radios, and I will explain it with some pictures.

BBC RT-61 / AEG Telecar9
Autophon SE-20 AUTOPHON SE-20 handheld transceiver
SE-110 ASCOM handheld transceiver ASCOM SE-110
SE-140 ASCOM handheld transceiver ASCOM SE-140 / BOSCH HFG 168
Front panel of the Motorola MC micro Motorola MC Micro
Front panel of the PYE MX-294 PHILIPS/PYE MX294 and MX296 or AUTOPHON SE-156

If you own such transceivers (or other type) and want to get rid of them, please let me know! I may be interested in re-using them for ham radio use.

You will find pictures and some informations about these transceivers (and lots of other) at the site.

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